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**SPOILERS** TNA iMPACT! Tapings (2 Weeks)

Reported by Outsiders - 12:54 AM 2007.01.30
Welcome to LIVE SPOILERS from TNA Wrestling’s Impact tapings which will air in the weeks before the February 11th Against All Odds PPV. The members of the FXE Training Seminar (www.fxewrestling.com) were joined by NY Yankees star Johnny Damon in the warm soundstage. AJ Pierzynski, Dale Torborg, Scott Steiner, Andy Douglas and Kid Romeo were rumored to be backstage. High above the ring was a large booth; actually it looked like portable restroom.

“The Professor” Mike Tenay was in the ring to film a segment to air on the February 12th TV special with Christian Cage.

Hour one to air this Thursday:

Jeremy Borash ran into Chris Sabin who was using a walker to get around, obviously mocking Jerry Lynn. Also outside Jim Cornette’s office was VKM and Bob Backlund but we went to the ring.

(1) The Austin Starr defeated Jay Lethal vs. Alex Shelley vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. vs. Jerry Lynn.

As the match went on Sabin and his walker came out to ringside. Early on it turned into a tag match with Lynn on an island to himself. You need to watch this since too much went on to keep up. Lynn went for the Cradle Piledriver but Sabin got on the apron and disrobed. He showed off the title belt and a brand new Depend undergarment. With Slick Johnson following the action on the floor, Lynn ended up being pinned by Starr after Sabin entered the ring and leveled Lynn.

Christian Cage and Tomko were talking about catering to the Consultant. Back from the break Mike Tenay and Don West spoke to the home viewers. They were interrupted by Samoa Joe who power walked to the ring. Joe said Tomko was not babysitting him since he was not the consultant. He was the unofficial ringside enforcer for Against All Odds. Cage appeared on screen and said Joe was lying to the fans and he was the consultant. But Cage promised a third hint after calling Joe “Jo-Jo Bear.

Jeremy Borash pushed the new TNA mobile phone service as Bob Backlund and VKM stood outside Cornette’s office. JB talked to “Tennessee Cowboy” James Storm and Ms. Tennessee about their PPV match. Eric Young spoke about his friend as Christy Hemme cut off VKM as they went to enter Cornette’s office.

(2) Robert Roode (w/Ms. Brooks) defeated Petey Williams (w/Gail Kim)

Williams went on the attack early. Roode went to the floor to avoid Williams but got hit with a huricurana. Roode stopped the momentum sending Williams crashing to the floor. Back in the ring Roode used his power advantage with suplexes and slams. Williams went to fight back but he got hit with a power sideslam. Williams recovered and hit two dropkicks. As Kim and Brooks fought around ringside, Williams set for the Canadian Destroyer. But James Storm slid in and hit Williams with a superkick to allow Roode to win. Stay with me because it gets fun from here. Ms. Tennessee came out and joined in the beat down on Williams and Kim. Eric Young hit the ring and attacked Roode, Storm and anyone else he could hit. Brooks left with Young as confusion sat in.

Borash was in Cornette’s office with Kip James and Christy Hemme arguing when Jim Cornette said Hemme would be wrestling a TBD opponent at the PPV. Brother Devon spoke to the interview girl. Devon said Ray was with his family after LAX took out his uncle. He promised to show LAX respect.

(3) Samoa Joe and “the Phenomenal” AJ Styles fought to a no contest

After catching Styles in a corner Joe hit an enziguri and hid behind Andrew Thomas. This allowed Styles to get in a sucker punch and a dropkick for two. Joe fired in some punches but Styles raked the eyes. Joe fought out of a chinlock but got hit with a judo shot to the throat. Joe sidestepped Styles and it sent Styles to the floor. He feigned a knee injury but Rhino came out and tossed Styles back in the ring. But Rhino joined the action and began trading punches with Styles with some assistance from Joe. The referee threw the match out and Joe took a chair onto the ring saying he wasn’t leaving until Cage came out. Instead of Cage we got Kurt Angle who said he was tired of the charade Cage and Joe were playing. Punches got tossed when Angle called Joe a lair. Cage hit the ring and then Angle with a chair. He extended his hand to Joe but got flicked off. As Joe choked out Cage, Styles came out and got Joe’s attention. Joe got decked with the same chair used on Angle. As hour one ended Cage choked out Angle with his ring jacket as Styles choked Joe out with the end of the folding chair.

A prison motif was set up at the bottom of the entry ways complete with fencing, white towers with barbwire and lights on the top and wire wrapped on the ring posts. Mike Tenay and Don West talked to the home viewers about the show and Lockdown being held in St Louis in April. Father James Mitchell came out to the prison setup minus Abyss. He said Sting played with fire last week and got burned. He brought up Sting’s behavior since he lost the World title to Abyss and the revealing of Abyss’ past. As Mitchell spoke the black tarp covered box lowered into the ring. Mitchell said Sting was going to pay for his crimes in one of two ways. One was sending the attack video to the police which would gain Sting 15-20 years. The other was facing Abyss in a prison yard match at the PPV where the loser gets locked in a cell which was under the black tarp. Mitchell wanted an answer and above the ring appeared Sting wearing Abyss’ mask on his face.

Jeremy Borash came out as the prison cell was raised up saying he had a special guest for the fans. He brought out to Hector Guerrero, who is a Tampa resident. He said he was humbled by the fans who chanted Eddie’s name when he walked out. Next into the stage was supposed to be another guest but JB decided to save the surprise for after the second hour main event. The fans were not too happy to hear Lockdown was going elsewhere.

Hour two to air Thursday February 8th:

Sting came out to the ring in the same outfit. Sting said the cell that was lowered represented all the evil in Abyss’ life. When the box got to the ring Father Mitchell was inside (who knew Sting was a magician.) Sting said the PPV was the last time we were all going to see Mitchell. Abyss (wearing a red mask) came out and attacked Sting. Sting leveled Abyss with several chair shots but Mitchell took off his belt and choked Sting.

As the prison set was struck Bob Backlund came out to talk to the fans, actually he kept insulting them.

(1) Abyss (w/Father James Mitchell) defeated Chase Stevens of the Naturals.

Abyss attacked as Stevens was taking off his ring jacket. One Black Hole Slam and it was over. Andy Douglas came out to save his partner but he too was attacked. Shane Douglas came out but TNA security stopped him from attacking the Naturals. Sting appeared on the screens accepting the challenge laid down by Mitchell. Sting said he wanted to face off with Abyss tonight.

On camera Tenay and West talked about the main event for the home viewers as well as the confrontation between Sting and Abyss. They sent it to the phone texting poll results mentioned in hour one. Team 3D came out to the ring and Ray looked like his mind was on other things. The LAX fans in the building voiced their opinion of 3D. Ray said he was nervous about what he was going to talk about. He said god bless Scott “Bam Bam” Bigelow. He mentioned LAX taking out Runt and 3D‘s retaliation on Konnan. Ray said he was half angry redneck and half pissed off Italian as he mentioned LAX’s attack his uncle. 3D wasn’t sure if the chase for the belts was more important then revenge on LAX. 3D decided to choose revenge over the NWA World Tag Team titles. 3D said at the PPV we were going to see a Little Italy Street Fight. But they were interrupted by Konnan and Moody Jack Melendez. Konnan was in a wheelchair and said LAX was his family the retaliation was warranted. Runt came out and tried to talk but Ray told him to shut up and get loaded. As the conversation was going to resume LAX attacked 3D. After LAX incapacitated Devon, Moody Jack handed Homicide a coat hanger. As Homicide wedged Ray’s head near the ring steps Hernandez slammed a folding chair against it several times.

(2) World X Division champion “the Future” Chris Sabin, the Austin Starr and “Tennessee Cowboy” James Storm (w/Ms. Tennessee/Jacqueline) defeated “War Machine” Rhino, Jerry Lynn and Senshi.

During the match Raven and Serotonin watched from their perch. Lynn and company worked over Storm until Lynn got distracted by Sabin. This allowed a cheap shot and Storm tagged out to Starr who took over. But Starr missed the rolling elbow and Senshi tagged in, attacking all three opponents. A brawl broke out where Senshi and Starr were left in the ring. Senshi went up for the Warrior’s Way but Storm sent him crashing onto the top rope. Starr hit a brainbuster to win via pinfall.

Mike and Don talked to the home fans about..well I have no idea possibly the main event or the PPV.

(3) Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe defeated “the Phenomenal” AJ Styles and NWA World Heavyweight champion “Captain Charisma” Christian Cage.

Styles and Cage worked well early on, at getting their butts kicked by Joe. That ended on a blind tag as Styles hit a slingshot forearm shot to Joe’s jaw. Styles and Cage had no problem throwing the rules out as they worked over Joe, as Angle watched on ready to get involved. Joe fought out of pins and hit Cage with the standing STO before finally tagged in Angle. Angle hit Cage and Styles with German suplexes and got two after hitting Styles with the Olympic Slam. But as Joe and Cage fought Styles hit the Pele Kick. As Styles went up top Rhino came out and stopped Styles long enough that Angle could hit a top rope Olympic Slam. Angle got the pin as Joe had Cage in the Kokina Clutch. As the celebration went on the Consultant hit the ring and unmasked to reveal SCOTT STEINER, who choked out Angle with a bar of some kind. Cage, Styles and Steiner left Angle, Rhino and Joe lying in the ring beaten down.

Matches taped for Xplosion (no longer seen in Florida):

(1) Robert Roode defeated Chase Stevens of the Naturals. After the match Shane Douglas came out and once again berated Stevens. But Stevens got to his feet and defended himself. TNA security got involved and got Douglas away from Stevens.

(2) Petey Williams defeated Andy Douglas of the Naturals with a triangle choke into a DDT.

In a match not taped for TV, The Riggs Brothers (Johnny and Jason) defeated former WWE stars The Heart Breakers (“the Promise” Antonio Thomas and Romeo Rosselli).

Announced for Against All Odds PPV on February 11th:

***NWA World Heavyweight champion “Captain Charisma” Christian Cage (w/Tomko) vs. Kurt Angle, w/Samoa Joe as “unofficial” ringside enforcer.

***In a “Prison Yard” match, Sting vs. Abyss

*** In a Little Italy street fight, NWA World Tag Team champions Latin American Xchange (“Notorious 187” Homicide and Hotstuff Hernandez) vs. Team 3D (Brother Ray and Devon)

***In Basebrawl II, Lance Hoyt (w/David Eckstein) vs. Dale Torborg (w/AJ Pierzynski)

***World X Division champion “the Future” Chris Sabin vs. Jerry Lynn.

***Petey Williams and Gail Kim vs. “Tennessee Cowboy” James Storm and Ms. Tennessee/Jacqueline

***Christy Hemme vs. TBD



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